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A Complete range of dental care services - 20 years experience with dental implants.

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Your oral health plan

We use the most modern dental techniques to give you the best possible care. Before we begin treatment, we will determine exactly what needs to be done to assure a perfect blend of function and aesthetics.

Once we have planned a course of treatment with you, we will provide a cost estimate and arrange your appointment schedule.


Our Services include:

Aesthetic Dentistry

  • ☺ Caps
  • ☺ Crowns - Ceramic
  • ☺ Teeth Whitening
  • ☺ Inlays

Dental Implants

  • ☺ Preoperative 3D digital X-ray Scanner
  • ☺ Osseointegration
  • ☺ Bone Grafts and Regeneration

Periodontal Treatments

  • ☺ Periodontal (gum) examinations
  • ☺ Periodontal treatments - chemical and surgical

For Your Smile

General Dental Health Care

  • ☺ Cavity repair
  • ☺ Plaque removal
  • ☺ General health care of your teeth and gums

Our Care

  • ☺ Your comfort is all important
  • ☺ You'll have the very latest treatments available
  • ☺ Completely bio-compatible for your health
  • ☺ Caring follow-up
  • ☺ Aesthetically perfect results

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